New Client Information

All new clients must have read and signed the INFORMED CONSENT paperwork and have completed the appropriate intake forms in order to receive counseling services.  If your child/adolescent is the client, then a custodial parent or legal guardian must read and sign the Informed Consent on behalf of the child/adolescent.  If a couple is coming for counseling each involved party is to complete his/her own informed consent and adult intake.

New Client Paperwork

Informed Consent
Adult Intake.pdf
Adolescent Intake
Child Intake.pdf

This form is to be completed for all children/teens with current custody agreements.

Custody Statement of Understanding.pdf

A copy of your most recent signed and filed custody agreement is required to be on file with our office if your child/adolescent is receiving services.

TeleHealth Informed Consent & Credit Card Authorization

Below are the two forms you will need to read, sign, and return in order to access telehealth services at this time. Electronic signature is accepted.

Teletherapy Consent.pdf